Food safety & Certifications

Food safety

Food safety is of paramount importance throughout all Morpol operations at all sites. The main plant in Ustka, for example, has a Quality Control team of 50 qualified people with their own laboratory.

Food safety is top of their agenda. Each year thousands of samples are taken at every stage of processing—raw material intake to finished product packaging—and subjected to extensive testing. Coupled with comprehensive traceability procedures, these measures make Morpol a dependable supplier to retailers and food service companies around the world.

The standards of food safety and plant hygiene are verified by multiple certifications resulting from the many audits conducted at all Morpol facilities.


Morpol processing plants maintain high standards in all aspects of their operations. These are verified through multiple certifications awarded by independent accreditation organisations. Collectively they provide Morpol customers with confidence in the quality, reliability and food safety measures inherent in all Morpol products.

Certifications held by Morpol include: