Quality & Reliability

A constant focus on quality is central in Morpol’s rise to a world-leading position. Morpol processing takes place in ultra-modern facilities, operating at high levels of efficiency, reliability and food safety.

Quality and reliability are the prime concerns from sourcing through processing to packaging and delivery logistics. The high standards achieved are confirmed in the results of hundreds of audits every year, internal and external, including many that are unannounced. These standards are verified by multiple certifications.

The superior and reliable quality of Morpol products begins with purchasing; seeking Superior Quality Atlantic salmon and the best available specimens for all other fish. Every stage of processing is carried out by highly skilled teams and all products are subject to strict quality control procedures. The 50-strong Quality Control team has its own laboratory on site to check raw materials and assess organoleptic properties of the products at every production stage. Product identification procedures ensure full traceability throughout.    


All processing—from initial preparation of fillets through smoking, slicing, marinating and other treatments, to packaging and despatch—are carried out by highly skilled, permanently employed teams. Skills are raised and reinforced through a regular training schedule, for established personnel as well as new recruits.

Much of the processing equipment is designed by Morpol and manufactured exclusively by Morpol Technology. Quality and reliability are top priorities in design, along with food safety, production efficiency and optimised ergonomics. Equipment is easy to open and clean, with no hidden surfaces. It ensures consistent, high-quality products optimised to customer specifications, in attractive, user-friendly packaging that is convenient for retailers and consumers.