Specialities Products

Morpol’s determination to expand the market with attractive and original salmon products is the source of an ever-expanding selection of specialities.

This activity also serves the ambition to gain the maximum yield from every fish. A significant proportion of new products in this range are developed at the dedicated Morpol Specialities plant. Typical products include salmon Carpaccio, sandwich salmon and Harasu.

Salmon Carpaccio features paper thin slices of delicious, fresh Atlantic salmon, accompanied by a vinaigrette and shavings of Parmesan cheese to further enhance the flavour. 

For sandwich salmon, best quality smoked salmon or gravadlax is trimmed and sliced in a size and shape optimised for convenient use in sandwiches. Sandwich salmon slices are especially appreciated in food service.

Harasu, for sushi and sashimi, hand-trimmed from the finest quality salmon, is particularly popular in Japan.

Other specialities include an appetising selection of ready-to-eat or -heat products such as moist and dry sausages, kebabs, burgers, croquettes and roasts that combine salmon with a wide range of other tasty ingredients including many herbs and spices.