Smoked Salmon

As the world’s leading salmon smoker, the central foundation of the Morpol product range is cold and hot smoked salmon, prepared in unique, purpose-designed smoking chambers.

Whole fillets from premium-quality Norwegian and Scottish salmon are prepared for cold smoking using Morpol’s own procedures. Salting and curing help bring out the moisture and preserve the fillet flavour and quality. After curing for a set period in controlled humidity and temperature conditions, the fillets are carefully dried to further enhance the texture, colour and consistency. Based on traditional smoking methods, nothing is added apart from salt.

The cured fillets are gently cold-smoked over locally sourced, sustainable beech wood at 28 °C. This gives the fillets their final delicate flavour while retaining premium consistency.

Salmon for hot smoking is cut into portions, hand salted and seasoned using a variety of spices ready for curing. After curing and drying in the same controlled process as the fillets for cold smoking, the portions are smoked in a unique Morpol method over beech wood at 67 °C.

Cold and hot smoked Atlantic salmon is available in a variety of formats and packaging options, from whole fillets to packs of 50g. The packaging locks in the delicious flavour and is convenient for retail display and for consumers to use.

Further top quality smoked fish products include certified organic salmon and wild sockeye salmon from the Pacific, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified.