Marinated Salmon

Marinated salmon products are prepared with a wide choice of herb and spice options, many of which are seasonal.

Gravadlax is prepared from Atlantic salmon from Norway and Scotland. Fillets are marinated in a proprietary mixture of dill, sugar and salt. After an appropriate curing period, they are carefully cut into thin slices and packaged to retain all the flavour, texture and nutritional goodness to be both healthy and delicious.

Sockeye fillets have firm flesh and a naturally low fat content. The light, natural flavour is enhanced through brief, gentle cold-smoking over beech wood. After that, the fillets are cured in a marinade of fresh dill. Curing and smoking times are individually adjusted according to the natural quality of the sockeye and are carefully guarded secrets of Morpol’s master smokers. The resulting gravad sockeye is a healthy, natural salmon delicacy. 

Other marinated salmon specialities include portions with tomato, herbs or onions, Creole salmon, Tuscan salmon and Venetian salmon.

Morpol product development specialists continually explore new options. Many are unique for individual customers.