Quality, product appeal and consumer convenience are strong features through all Morpol ranges. Morpol sales specialists and product managers work with customers to develop and deliver unique salmon products and packaging with benefits both for the customers and consumers. Monitoring market trends further stimulates innovation to create products that match or anticipate consumer preferences, tailored to individual retailer specifications.  

All Morpol products start with the freshest fish possible. They are processed rapidly to retain flavour and healthy nutritional value at the highest levels. Skilled employees work with versatile processing and packaging facilities to make Morpol exceptionally flexible; responding rapidly to changing customer needs.

The scale of the Ustka plant enables Morpol to reach exceptional levels of efficiency. For major markets, final customisation is often in purpose-built Morpol plants close to the customers for enhanced flexibility and responsiveness.


Cold smoked and hot smoked salmon are the basis for around 50 percent of the products supplied by Morpol. The other 50 percent comprises a range of excellent marinated salmon dishes and speciality products, chilled fresh salmon and frozen salmon portions.

While the majority are produced from farmed Atlantic salmon, Morpol also supplies equivalent products using wild sockeye and certified organic salmon. Within these ranges, Morpol supplies products certified as meeting the standards of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Marine Stewardship Council.


Fish is good to eat

Fish is known to be part of a healthy diet and supporting evidence from research continues to accumulate. Many health and food advisory bodies recommend regular consumption of fish, especially the more oily fish such as salmon. These fish are rich sources of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that confer most of the health benefits. Oily fish are also excellent sources of vitamins such as A and D and essential nutrients such as iodine and selenium, providing them in a form that is easily digested and taken up by the human body.

There are several naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids and they are all built around a chain of carbon atoms. The important omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are known as EPA and DHA and they have 20 and 22 carbon atoms respectively. These are the ones that are active in the human body. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in plants but they are shorter, for example a common one, ALA, has 18 carbon atoms. To deliver health benefits it needs to be lengthened but human metabolism has a very limited ability to do this.



Morpol is part of the Marine Harvest Group, a world leader in salmon farming and one of the world’s largest seafood companies.