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About Morpol

Morpol Group is the world leader in smoked salmon. We achieved our world leading position through the efficiency of our processing activities and because we care deeply about quality, the service we provide to our retail and food service customers and the attractiveness of our products to consumers. We serve customers across Europe, in Japan and the United States.


The Morpol Mission

The Morpol Mission is to be the most efficient producer of value added salmon products, exceeding customer expectations with excellent products that are attractive and convenient for consumers and food service. Morpol will continuously innovate in product concept, equipment design and food safety to set the performance standards for the industry.


Fish is good to eat

Fish is now known to be part of a healthy diet and supporting evidence from research continues to accumulate. Many health and food advisory bodies recommend regular consumption of fish, especially the more oily fish such as salmon. These fish are rich sources of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that confer most of the health benefits. Fish are also excellent sources of vitamins and minerals.