Main Processing Plant

The centre of Morpol operations is in Ustka, Poland, where purpose-built facilities include the world’s largest value added salmon processing plant. Situated on the Baltic coast, it is well located to receive fresh fish by road or sea from Norway and Scotland.

All Morpol products start with the freshest fish possible. Cold storage facilities accommodate the incoming fish to retain that freshness; even so the fish are processed rapidly to maintain flavour and healthy nutritional value at the highest levels in Morpol’s extensive selection of smoked, marinated, fresh and frozen products.

The ultra-modern plant features a central 8 000-m2 primary processing facility equipped with latest-technology filleting and trimming equipment. Primary processed fish then move to dedicated sections for further processing, for example traditional salmon smoking in specially-designed chambers that use locally-sourced sustainable beech wood. The Ustka plant processes over 60 000 tonnes of salmon raw material a year and has the capacity to process much more as demand for Morpol products grows.

Around 3,000 highly skilled employees work with versatile processing and packaging facilities to achieve exceptional flexibility; responding rapidly to changing customer needs. These people, the scale of the Ustka plant and continuing investment enable Morpol to reach outstanding levels of efficiency. Morpol minimises waste while providing top quality and value for money, together with reliability of delivery and high levels of customer and consumer convenience. Multiple certifications endorse these achievements.

Morpol S.A.
Duninowo 39
76-270 Ustka
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