Our Factories

Morpol is a world leader in salmon smoking, working in partnership to develop and deliver customised products. At its ultra-modern plant in Ustka, Poland, Morpol uses unique, purpose-designed smoking chambers to produce outstanding quality cold-smoked and hot-smoked salmon. These delicious products are prepared and packaged to precise specifications agreed with retail and food service customers around the world.

Marinated, fresh and frozen salmon products and an ever-expanding choice of specialities complement the smoked ranges and ensure a maximum yield from every fish.

The Ustka plant has a workforce of around 3,000 people and a capacity of over 60,000 tonnes. To enhance its service to customers, Morpol has satellite specialist plants.

Morpol in Ustka  is an  ultra-modern plant features a central 8 000-m2 primary processing facility equipped with latest-technology filleting and trimming equipment. 

Morpol Laurin is a highly flexible plant providing customised slicing and packaging.

Morpol Specialities is a hothouse of innovation, continuously expanding the choice in consumer-convenient further processed salmon.

Morpol Technology features a team of specialist engineers dedicated to advancing processing technology and to maintaining Morpol processing equipment to ensure reliability at all times.

Laschinger Seafood GmbH in Germany serves Europe’s largest market for smoked salmon with high-quality customised and Laschinger branded products. Laschinger’s specialist slicing and packaging facility meets local market needs and exports to Austria and Switzerland.

Marine Harvest Kritsen in France is a highly reputed salmon smoker providing a range of excellent smoked salmon products to serve the preferences of the French market. Morpol also has a slicing and packaging facility, Morpol France SAS, serving the national market and those of Spain and Portugal. The French market is Europe’s second largest for value-added salmon products.

La Couronne in Belgium is a specialist salmon smoking facility serving the national market.