Morpol was founded in 1996 in Ustka on the Baltic coast of Poland; an optimum location to receive fish by sea and road and for despatch of products by road and air to customers around the world. The Pomeranian area has a long history of fishing and fish processing, offering a workforce ready to meet the stringent requirements of Morpol.

Continual investment and process plant innovation has created an ultra-modern facility that operates on a massive scale combined with close attention to product detail, food safety and total traceability. In 2013 Morpol became a part of Marine Harvest ASA, a world leader in salmon farming and one of the world’s largest seafood companies.

1996 Morpol is founded for canning cod liver

1998 Morpol begins salmon processing

2003 Cooperation with Marine Harvest begins; bringing valuable knowledge and skills

2005 Cooperation begins with processor Royal Greenland; adding to knowledge and skills

2007 Morpol acquires Laschinger Group; Germany’s leading smoked salmon processor

2007–2010 Morpol is established in Japan, UK, France, USA and Italy

2009–2010 The Morpol processing plant is expanded, with advances in processing technology

2010 Morpol launches an IPO on the Oslo Stock Exchange

2011–2012 The Ustka plant is further extended and advanced in processing technology

2013 Morpol becomes part of Marine Harvest ASA